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171comply:   CMMC Level 1 - Getting Started

There are five levels within CMMC, as shown below.

CMMC Level 1 is focused on securing your company data and Federal Contract Information (FCI). The CMMC model laes this as "Basic Cyber Hygiene".

While the CMMC Level of certification required for your business or company will depend on the class of information in your contract. The DOD expects most business or companies to be at CMMC Level 1.

Note! All business and companies doing business with the DoD will be required to be CMMC level 1 at a minimum. By fiscal year 2026, all new DOD contracts will contain the CMMC requirements.

Even as a company with no full-time employees, you will be required to demonstrate and implement the 17 practices required for CMMC Level 1. The 17 practices in CMMC Level 1 are not overly complicated or onerous; they are basic cybersecurity hygiene practices that are built on standard IT best practices

And while compliance documentation or developing policies is not required. The documentation process and it's completion will save countless hours in achieving CMMC Level 2 (should that be a goal); and it will ensure consistency in Level 1 practices.

At 171Comply, we have developed a Level 1: Getting Started Playbook this is a guide to help you understand the CMMC Level 1 requireemnts. In addition we have developed digital resources to support you in getting compliant with your level of the CyberSecurity Maturity Model Certification.

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